HEIKKI KUUSIPALO [aka skye sken]; freelance artist, designer and writer; born 14. 9. 1987; artisan of fine arts [2006], bachelor's degree in industrial design [2012]; co-founder of Keito Art 'n Games Ltd.
My art is about reaching the very edge of the unimaginable, then blending the dreamy essence of your thought-stuff into a perceivable luminance of brilliance and awe. I strive for perfection in all it's forms, be my goal worldly or immaterial; my muse the ideal of escaping the boundaries of this universe through one's imagination.

I have been drawing and designing ever since I am able to recall, constantly plunging headfirst into this fantasy and that. Through everything, I attempt to manifest my own philosophies and a characteristic sense of sinister wry humor, but also to forever chase that elusive sentiment of the days of youth, when all seemed wondrous and grand.
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NOTE Everything on this site is owned by me unless otherwise decreed. If you wish to use my art or other content in your own project, please contact me in the email adress above. If your project is non-commercial (ie. nobody gets paid) then you may use my art as long as I'm visibly credited (as 'skye sken' or 'Heikki Kuusipalo') + the credit includes a link to this site ''. However, please inform me regardless, as I like to be aware where I'm featured.
In times to come, the second, the third, the last race is birthed. Our happiness, our woes, our existence now seems inconsequental to these beings, for our imagination cannot reach the lengths they will venture into. Were I the noble prince, the valiant, unequalled knight of this age I strive to be, I am still imprisoned by time, and fall short on what my imagination screams I might have been. If I fail, everything I am will be forgotten and I will return to the void; the last ones will still take my place. If I succeed, they knew of me; I was more than mere abstraction of a foregone age in their eyes.

Read this, you, of the last ones, and know that I existed. Despite my best efforts, I was savage, lustful, hedonistic, desperate; I disregarded sensitivites, I brought forth unnecessary pain, I authored this flagrant sentiment; I was unknowing of the many great things you partake in, yet I carried the undying spirit of sentient life in part, to you. I found little intellectual solace in my time, and thus I turned inward. I left a legacy, a collection of manifestations of what I was, what made up what was I, in the only form I felt potent in surviving the scathing of passing time: please consider my creations and see what I was.